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Key Features

  • 40 Million BUSINESS Contacts

    Each contact contains full details including company, first name, last name, title, phone number, email address, city and state.

    Send UNLIMITED emails

    Built right into the ClickJoy Prospecting platform is the ability to send out mass emails. Create/Select your email template + select an email list and then hit SEND

    SMART Response Technology

    ClickJoy reads and understands each reply email automatically placing them into actionable inbox folders: Positive, Meeting Requested, Referral, Out of Office and Negative with rule based actions to follow.

    Build CONTACT Lists

    Quickly Search and save contact lists for call or email campaigns

    Build COMPANY Lists

    Instantly build a company list then apply your contact criteria for creating contacts lists.

    SOCIAL Connections

    See social connections and quickly engage with any contact via LinkedIn.

  • UPLOAD Contact Lists

    Maximize your existing contacts and upload them for call or email campaigns.

    UPLOAD Company Lists

    Upload company lists and apply filtering against ClickJoy contact information. A great way to create a Top X account list.

    POWERFUL Reporting

    Turn email campaigns into call campaigns. Quickly call people who have opened or clicked any of your email campaigns.

    LEAD Tracking

    Manage and organize your activity for maximum results. Alerts simplify the process of who needs to be called/emailed and when.

    MEETING Tracking

    Track next steps and follow ups within the ClickJoy platform.


    OPPORTUNITY Tracking

    Quickly view pipeline activity and closed business.


  • NO List Purchases


    NO Point Gimmicks


    EMPOWER your Salespeople

  • Flexible Pricing - ClickJoy Platform


    The CALLER

    40M Contacts

    • Quickly Build Contacts Lists
    • View All Contacts!

    UNLIMITED Access

    Full contact details
    View LinkedIn profiles
    Call more
    decision makers


    The CLOSER


    • ClickJoy will hunt for and close business meetings for your salespeople.

    BUSINESS Meetings

    You determine criteria
    Drive pipeline growth
    Close more business

              Client Staffing       GSA

    Shifting market demands. Tightened deadlines.

    Our recruiting process is designed to find skilled individuals who can add business value in your organization from day one. Through our global network, we have unmatched access to an ocean of talent in a wide variety of industries. We use proven and reliable job related assessments to pinpoint candidates' abilities and fit with your work environment. And, we work to build an in-depth understanding of your objectives to effectively match each person to your needs and requirements for success. 

  • Right Corporate DNA

    Each of our clients has a specific candidate in mind based on their needs and requirements and what they consider as part of their corporate DNA. We take this serious at ClickJoy and will match our selections to deliver a perfect match.

    Selection PROCESS

    Our proven and effective process for delivering highly motivated and skilled people is unmatched in the industry. We have access to millions of candidates and can quickly deliver the right people.


    Allow ClickJoy to be part of your company's success story

    REDUCE Costs

    Staffing in response to your dynamic business requirements for delivering excellence, while protecting your permanent workforce and controlling costs. The burden and cost associated with hiring are now significantly reduced.


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